Latina Urbanism: Shaping, Enhancing and Preserving the Community

December 09, 2015, 6:30pm to 8:00pm


El Pueblo America Tropical Interpretive Center
125 Paseo de La Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Latinas play a major role in the everyday operations and viability of Latina/o neighborhoods as they use and retrofit the built environment to fit their social, cultural, and economic needs. Latinas are the social and information conduits in their neighborhoods. They are sustainable transportation pioneers; on any given morning, Latinas can be seen walking children to school, visiting friends, or taking long bus rides to work. Additions to homes and other construction projects may be seen as men's work, but it is women who integrate those additions into the existing everyday life of a place. Many of the elaborate front yard gardens, shrines and nativity scenes in Latino neighborhoods are created and maintained by women who wouldn't call themselves landscape architects. Latinas play a pivotal role in cultural preservation through their interventions with L.A.'s built environments. As they pass on community knowledge, they teach us how to recreate our worlds. How can experts respectfully integrate Latina insights into cultural preservation, community development, and urban planning in Los Angeles?

The panelists will examine Latina influences in LA mobility, economic sustainability, and cultural landscape.

Carmen Argote is an artist who examines space:
Adonia Lugo is an anthropologist investigating equitable and inclusive mobility:
Isela Gracian is helping to legalize street vending issues:,