Featured Articles

  • Looking for the Rasquache at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. By James Rojas, January, 2015.
    This article highlights the twenty-five year transformation Mariachi Plaza based on my observations.
  • Latino Urbanism Influences a Los Angeles in Flux. By Christopher Hawthorne, December, 2014.
    Los Angeles Times critic examines how Latino Urbanism is reshaping LA.
  • Wanted: More (and Better) Discourse on Designing Diverse Communities. By Tanvi Misra, November, 2014.
  • Cities in Flux: Latino New Urbanism. By Jonna McKone, November, 2010.
    Part of TheCityFix’s series, “Cities in Flux,” about demographic shifts as a result of development, immigration, migration, politics and the environment, this article looks at how city planning and transportation policies respond to this movement.