Featured Articles

  • Looking for the Rasquache at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. By James Rojas, January, 2015.
    This article highlights the twenty-five year transformation Mariachi Plaza based on my observations.
  • Latino Urbanism Influences a Los Angeles in Flux. By Christopher Hawthorne, December, 2014.
    Los Angeles Times critic examines how Latino Urbanism is reshaping LA.
  • Wanted: More (and Better) Discourse on Designing Diverse Communities. By Tanvi Misra, November, 2014.
  • Cities in Flux: Latino New Urbanism. By Jonna McKone, November, 2010.
    Part of TheCityFix’s series, “Cities in Flux,” about demographic shifts as a result of development, immigration, migration, politics and the environment, this article looks at how city planning and transportation policies respond to this movement.

James Rojas in the Press

  • Urban Landscapes: Front & Center. By Jose Cardenas, September, 1999.
    In East L.A., the frontyard is the focus, a place of wrong-iron gates and colorful roses, where neighbors gather on the porch and talk across the fence.
  • Negotiating Community, City and Developers Needs, Desires, and Expectations through our Third Space.
    Everyone carries a third space in their heads. It takes the fear out the of the planning process because it’s neither here nor there but provides a space for the community members, government, and developers to collaborate, bond, negotiate and plan. The third space allowes participants to move out of the verbal brain and tap into their imaginative and inner desires to connect to themselves, each other, and the environment through their personal visual and spatical knowledge of place.
  • Latino Urbanism: Transforming the Suburbs.
    As more Latinos settle into the suburbs, they bring a different cultural understanding of the purpose of our city streets. Learn how the Latin American approach to street life is redefining "curb appeal."